Silvia Falletta

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We consider the classical wave equation problem defined on the exterior of a bounded 2D space domain, possibly having far field sources. We consider this problem in the time domain, but also in the frequency domain. For its solution we propose to associate with it a boundary integral equation (BIE) defined on an artificial boundary surrounding the region of(More)
We consider the numerical solution of the wave equation in a two-dimensional domain and start from a boundary integral formulation for its discretization. We employ the convolution quadrature (CQ) for the temporal and a Galerkin boundary element method (BEM) for the spatial discretization. Our main focus is the sparse approximation of the arising sequence(More)
In this paper we consider the (2D and 3D) exterior problem for the non homogeneous wave equation, with a Dirichlet boundary condition and non homogeneous initial conditions. First we derive two alternative boundary integral equation formulations to solve the problem. Then we propose a numerical approach for the computation of the extra “volume” integrals(More)
The first part of the book, written by Silvia Bertoluzza and Silvia Falletta, is devoted to new wavelets based approaches in the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). The notion of a wavelet and its fundamental properties are recalled. One of these properties is good simultaneous space and frequency localization. The norm equivalence(More)
We consider a heat transfer problem with sliding bodies, where heat is generated on the interface due to friction. Neglecting the mechanical part, we assume that the pressure on the contact interface is a known function. Using mortar techniques with Lagrange multipliers, we show existence and uniqueness of the solution in the continuous setting. Moreover,(More)
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