Silvia Demoulin-Alexikova

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BACKGROUND Numerous studies show higher cough reflex sensitivity (CRS) and cough outcomes in children compared to adults and in females compared to males. Despite close link that exists between cough and environment the potential influence of environmental air pollution on age- and gender -related differences in cough has not been studied yet. PURPOSE The(More)
INTRODUCTION Cough is a major symptom of asthma frequently experienced during exercise but little is known about interactions between cough and exercise. The goal of our study was to clarify the potential modulation of the cough reflex (CR) by exercise in a spontaneously breathing anaesthetized animal model of airway eosinophilic inflammation. MATERIALS &(More)
Introduction: Cough and expiration reflex are major lower airway defense mechanisms that have not been studied throughout development in relation with the feeding behavior. Aim: To describe airway defense reflexes evoked by mechanical stimulation of the trachea in developing rabbit pups. Material and Methods: Sixty one pups were allocated to 3 groups(More)
Citation: Ioan I, Tatopoulos A, Metche S, Coutier L, Houriez E, Kiefer S, Blondé A, Bonabel C, Marchal F, Derelle J, Schweitzer CE and Demoulin-Alexikova S (2017) More Relaxation by Deep Breath on MethacholineThan on Exercise-Induced bronchoconstriction during the Routine Testing of Asthmatic Children. Front. Physiol. 8:768. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00768(More)
PURPOSE The two life-threatening signs of anaphylactic shock (AS) are severe arterial hypotension and bronchospasm. Guidelines recommend epinephrine as first-line treatment. Arginine vasopressin (AVP) has been proposed as an alternative if epinephrine does not correct arterial hypotension. These two drugs may have beneficial, neutral or deleterious effects(More)
Cough is typically associated with physical activity in children with asthma, but the characteristics of the relationship between cough and exercise has not been established under physiological conditions. The aim of the study was to describe the effect of exercise on the reflex cough response elicited by a single breath of capsaicin in non-asthmatic(More)
Majority of patients visiting cough clinics are postmenopausal women, who are affected by intractable cough for years. Why the cough reflex becomes exaggerated in women is not known. Basic research excludes females from the studies contributing to the sex bias which may be responsible for lack of understanding of "hypersensitive" cough in women. Biological(More)
A child suspected of exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction and asthma is examined by laryngoscopy and respiratory resistance (Rrs) after exercise challenge. Immediately at exercise cessation, the visualized adduction of the larynx in inspiration is reflected in a paroxystic increase in Rrs. While normal breathing has apparently resumed later on during(More)
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