Silvia Costa Ferreira

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Grapevine species (Vitis sp.) are prone to several diseases, fungi being the major pathogens compromising its cultivation and economic profit around the world. Knowledge of the complexity of mechanisms responsible for resistance to fungus infection of cultivars, such as Regent, is necessary for strategies to be defined which will improve resistance in(More)
Host-induced antibodies and their contributions to cancer inflammation are largely unexplored. IgG4 subclass antibodies are present in IL-10-driven Th2 immune responses in some inflammatory conditions. Since Th2-biased inflammation is a hallmark of tumor microenvironments, we investigated the presence and functional implications of IgG4 in malignant(More)
Woody plants are particularly difficult to investigate due to high phenolic, resin, and tannin contents and laborious sample preparation. In particular, protein isolation from woody plants for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) is challenging as secondary metabolites negatively interfere with protein extraction and separation. In this study, three(More)
The study assessed the effect of velocity of arm movement on anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) generation in the contralateral and ipsilateral muscles of individuals with stroke in seating. Ten healthy and eight post-stroke subjects were studied in sitting. The task consisted in reaching an object placed at scapular plane and mid-sternum height at(More)
This paper proposes a control strategy for Hybrid Active Series Power Filter (HASPF) based on a P+Resonant compensator. The proposed control uses Adaptive Notch Filter to isolate the harmonic content of the source current and a P+Resonant regulator to calculate the harmonic voltage signal necessary to properly tune the hybrid branch. This control strategy(More)
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