Silvia Castellano

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OBJECTIVE Describe modes of death and factors involved in decision-making together with life support limitation (LSL) procedures. DESIGN Prospective, descriptive, longitudinal, and noninterventional study. SETTING Sixteen pediatric intensive care units in Argentina. PATIENTS Every patient who died during a 1-yr period was included. MEASUREMENTS AND(More)
PURPOSE ProACT is an adjustable continence therapy implant for post-prostatectomy incontinence. We evaluated the exact device location in clinical success and failed implant cases using spiral multidetector computerized tomography. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 18 consecutive patients postoperatively using pelvic spiral multidetector computerized(More)
The frequency of normoblastemia in dogs receiving chemotherapy is unknown. To provide this information, we calculated the percentage and number of nucleated erythrocytes (nRBCs) in blood of dogs treated for lymphoma (n = 284), mast cell tumour (n = 40) or carcinoma (n = 46). Relative normoblastemia (>1 or >5%) and absolute normoblastemia (>0.1 or >0.4 × 103(More)
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