Silvia Caserta

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Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and its most feared complication, pulmonary embolism (PE), still have a high incidence with high risk for patients’ health. Proven prophylactic measures are available but are generally underused, and DVT is still considered the most common cause of preventable death among hospitalized patients. The rationale for prophylaxis of(More)
The authors report their experience with the treatment of lumbar instability by a kind of spine stabilization. The elastic stabilization, which follows a new philosophy, is obtained by an interspinous device, and should be used alone in degenerative disc disease, recurrent disc herniation and in very low grade instability, or in association with rigid(More)
The Authors report their experiences in Redon tube closed washing-drainage treatment of secondary septic arthritis in adults. This technique, used at an early stage as an alternative to needle drainage, does not require plaster immobilisation and has allowed a good residual function to be obtained. In case of absence of response to the treatment, it is(More)
This paper analyses the market transformations in heritage tourism destinations when excessive tourism demand determines the emergence of a class of excursionists among visitors. Building on the approach of Keane (1997) and Shapiro (1983), our model highlights some important dimensions of sustainable tourism development. The lesser capacity of excursionists(More)
The Authors describe a bilateral congenital case of flexion and valgism of the IF of the hallux, since they are not mentioned in literature. On the basis of the operative examination it is thought that the etiopathogenesis may consist of a congenital retraction of the capsule, in plantar aspect, and of the collateral ligaments; they advise that surgical(More)