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Field populations of Triatoma infestans Klug were collected during 2002 from four villages in northern Argentina (El Chorro, La Toma, El Sauzal, and Salvador Mazza), after application of deltamethrin(More)
New esterase substrates were synthesized using cis-, trans- and cis-trans-permethrinic acid chloride and then used to measure pyrethroid-cleaving enzymes in insects. The new substrates, namely cis-,(More)
We studied the profile of permethrin resistance in populations of head lice infesting children 6-12 yr old in schools and their homes in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina. Five permethrin-resistant(More)
Enhanced metabolism by oxidative enzymes is a major cause of pyrethroid resistance in insects. In this work, we evaluated the role of specific and non-specific esterases in head louse populations(More)
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