Silvia Barbina

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This paper contains a classification of countable lower 1-transitive linear orders. This is the first step in the classification of countable 1-transitive trees given in Chicot and Truss (2009): the notion of lower 1-transitivity generalises that of 1-transitivity for linear orders, and it is essential for the structure theory of 1-transitive trees. The(More)
Generic automorphisms are a common theme when one works with auto-morphism groups of countable structures. They play a pivotal role in reconstruction results. In these notes we shall define and explain a notion of generic, due to John Truss, which is highly relevant to reconstruction. The idea is that a generic automorphism acts on the elements of the(More)
We compare two different notions of generic expansions of countable saturated structures. On one hand there is a kind of genericity related to modelcompanions and to amalgamation constructions à la Hrushovski-Fräıssé; on the other, there is a notion of generic expansions defined via topological properties and Baire category theory. The second type of(More)
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