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The acquisition of reading skills is a major landmark process in a human's cognitive development. On the neural level, a new functional network develops during this time, as children typically learn to associate the well-known sounds of their spoken language with unfamiliar characters in alphabetic languages and finally access the meaning of written words,(More)
Phonological awareness refers to the ability to perceive and manipulate the sound structure of language and is especially important when children learn to read. Poor phonological awareness is considered the major cause for the emergence of reading difficulties. In this functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study, we examined the brain correlates of(More)
The aim of this experiment was to investigate the influence of gravity on the cognitive ability to mentally transform images of bodies or body parts. A total of eight participants were tested in two separate parabolic flight missions. In the main experiment, participants had to make a discrimination judgement (left or right) about pictures of a human figure(More)
Sensitivity to print is characterized by a left occipito-temporal negativity to words in the event-related potential N1. This sensitivity is modulated by reading skills and may thus represent a neural marker of reading competence. Here we studied the development of the N1 in regular and poor readers from preschool age to school age to test whether the(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypersensitivity reactions to iodinated radio contrast media (RCM) are either immediate-type (IT) or delayed reactions (DT). In IT, the pathomechanism is unclear. In DT, delayed positive patch (PT) and intradermal tests (IDT) and RCM-specific T cells suggest a T cell-mediated mechanism. In both, the role of iodine has not been clarified;(More)
Children who are poor readers usually experience troublesome school careers and consequently often suffer from secondary emotional and behavioural problems. Early identification and prediction of later reading problems thus are critical in order to start targeted interventions for those children with an elevated risk for emerging reading problems. In this(More)
Megestrol acetate has been tested for its applicability to synchronisation of oestrus in 463 mature heifers in the framework of preclinical and clinical experiments. Clinical tests and studies in the context of laboratory diagnostics have shown that 40 mg/die megestrol acetate, administered in two applications with twelve hours in-between and over 15 days,(More)
The parameters of kidney, lung, and skin maturity, known from human medicine, were for the first time determined from amniotic fluid of cattle. Given the difference in placentation, it is not known whether the conditions of the human fetus can be fully applied to the bovine fetus, the detectability of such maturity criteria may be indicative of comparable(More)
EVOLUTION Correction for “Evolved tooth gain in sticklebacks is associated with a cis-regulatory allele of Bmp6,” by Phillip A. Cleves, Nicholas A. Ellis, Monica T. Jimenez, Stephanie M. Nunez, Dolph Schluter, David M. Kingsley, and Craig T. Miller, which appeared in issue 38, September 23, 2014, of Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (111:13912–13917; first published(More)