Silvia B. González-Brambila

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Terms like leadership and entrepreneurship have reached great importance and popularity. A lot of information has appeared related with these topics and searching for it has become a bit complicated for people interested in leadership and entrepreneurship. With so much information, it is difficult to identify a topic among the huge quantity of concepts(More)
Explaining how engineering devices work is important to students, engineers, and operators. In general, machine generated explanations have been produced from a particular perspective. This paper introduces a system called automatic generation of explanations (AGE) capable of generating causal, behavioral, and functional explanations of physical devices in(More)
A novel approach to generation of geographic knowledge from robot views is presented. It is implemented in a pilot software where a virtual robot operates in a static 2D-environment. The robot sensor scans with rays an angular field of view and produces a 1D view of distances to the closest obstacle. By processing such views, ‘heavy changes’ are detected to(More)
The standard Brightness Constancy Equation states spatiotemporal shift-invariance of the input data along a local velocity of optical flow. In its turn, the shiftinvariance leads to a periodic function of a real argument. This allows application of a known test for periodicity to computation of optical flow at random locations. The approach is valid also(More)
Educational environment produces a lot of information related with many aspects, besides the traditional system, the growth of online educative systems and the called e-learning, have increased the amount of data available for its analysis. Data Mining offers different techniques for processing information in order to discover patterns that can be used for(More)
Security on electronic voting systems is fundamental; it must assure the integrity of all the elements involved or generated during a voting process. This paper presents a design of secure architectures for providing security, integrity and authenticity of the most important elements involved in an electoral process: configuration files, recorded votes and(More)
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