Silvia B. González-Brambila

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Explaining how engineering devices work is important to students, engineers, and operators. In general, machine generated explanations have been produced from a particular perspective. This paper introduces a system called automatic generation of explanations (AGE) capable of generating causal, behavioral, and functional explanations of physical devices in(More)
Terms like leadership and entrepreneurship have reached great importance and popularity. A lot of information has appeared related with these topics and searching for it has become a bit complicated for people interested in leadership and entrepreneurship. With so much information, it is difficult to identify a topic among the huge quantity of concepts(More)
The standard Brightness Constancy Equation states spatiotemporal shift-invariance of the input data along a local velocity of optical flow. In its turn, the shift-invariance leads to a periodic function of a real argument. This allows application of a known test for periodicity to computation of optical flow at random locations. The approach is valid also(More)
Security on electronic voting systems is fundamental; it must assure the integrity of all the elements involved or generated during a voting process. This paper presents a design of secure architectures for providing security, integrity and authenticity of the most important elements involved in an electoral process: configuration files, recorded votes and(More)
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