Silvia Albu

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Cercospora kikuchii has long been considered the causal agent of Cercospora leaf blight (CLB) and purple seed stain (PSS) on soybean, but a recent study found C. cf. flagellaris associated with CLB and PSS in Arkansas (United States) and Argentina. Here, we provide a broader perspective on the distribution of C. cf. flagellaris on soybean and alternate(More)
Alkyl nitrones possessing N-substituted sugars as chiral auxiliaries were found to effectively undergo an SmI(2)-mediated radical addition to n-butyl acrylate affording gamma-amino acid derivatives with high diastereomeric control.
The versatility of chemical peptide synthesis combined with the high sensitivity of AFM single-molecule force spectroscopy allows us to investigate, quantify, and control molecular recognition processes (molecular nanotechnology), offering a tremendous potential in chemical biology.Single-molecule force spectroscopy experiments are able to detect fast(More)
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