Silvia Abrahão

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Developing variant-rich software systems through the application of the software product line approach requires the management of a wide set of requirements. However, in most cases, the focus of those requirements is limited to the functional requirements. The non-functional requirements are often informally defined and their management does not provide(More)
This paper presents an architecture to perform model-driven transformations that are guided by quality attributes. The main goal of the architecture is to define a set of artifacts and a process for specifying and executing model transformations in which the selection of alternative transformations is done based on quality attributes. Specifically, we focus(More)
In the last years some model-driven development approaches have been proposed to automatically generate Web applications starting from conceptual models. Among them, the Object-Oriented Hypermedia method (OO-H) has been successfully used in the development of industrial Web applications. This method is based on two conceptual models, the UML class diagram(More)
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