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In vivo MRI-derived measurements of human cerebral cortex thickness are providing novel insights into normal and abnormal neuroanatomy, but little is known about their reliability. We investigated how the reliability of cortical thickness measurements is affected by MRI instrument-related factors, including scanner field strength, manufacturer, upgrade and(More)
Longitudinal and multi-site clinical studies create the imperative to characterize and correct technological sources of variance that limit image reproducibility in high-resolution structural MRI studies, thus facilitating precise, quantitative, platform-independent, multi-site evaluation. In this work, we investigated the effects that imaging gradient(More)
Automated MRI-derived measurements of in-vivo human brain volumes provide novel insights into normal and abnormal neuroanatomy, but little is known about measurement reliability. Here we assess the impact of image acquisition variables (scan session, MRI sequence, scanner upgrade, vendor and field strengths), FreeSurfer segmentation pre-processing variables(More)
The growth of the organs of human embryo is changing significantly over a short period of time in the mother body. The shape of the human organs is organic and has many folds that are difficult to model or animate with conventional techniques. Convolution surface and function representation are a good choice in modelling such organs as human embryo stomach(More)
Video recording and photography are frequently used to document Cultural Heritage (CH) objects and sites. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is increasingly being used as it allows a wider range of light to be considered that most current technologies are unable to natively acquire and reproduce. HDR video content however has only recently become possible at(More)
The computed daily values of lunisolar tidal waves, the observed daily values of Ap index, a measure of the planetary geomagnetic activity, and the daily numbers of patients with epileptic attacks for a group of 28 neurology patients between 1987 and 1992 were analyzed by common, multiple and partial cross-spectral analysis to search for relationships(More)