Silverio García Cortés

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Detecting and modeling urban furniture are of particular interest for urban management and the development of autonomous driving systems. This paper presents a novel method for detecting and classifying vertical urban objects and trees from unstructured three-dimensional mobile laser scanner (MLS) or terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) point cloud data. The(More)
Automatic curb detection is an important issue in road maintenance, three-dimensional (3D) urban modeling, and autonomous navigation fields. This paper is focused on the segmentation of curbs and street boundaries using a 3D point cloud captured by a mobile laser scanner (MLS) system. Our method provides a solution based on the projection of the measured(More)
Accurate road asphalt extent delineation is needed for road and street planning, road maintenance, and road safety assessment. In this article, a new approach for automatic roadside delineation is developed based on the line clouds concept. The method relies on line cloud grouping from point cloud laser data. Using geometric criteria, the initial 3D LiDAR(More)
A mathematical algorithm for dimensional control of tunnels using topographic profiles Celestino Ordóñez, Ramón Argüelles, Javier Martínez & Silverio García-Cortés a Department of Mining Exploitation and Prospection, University of Oviedo, 33004 Oviedo, Spain b Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Academia Militar de Huesca, 50090 Zaragoza, Spain Accepted(More)
The present paper analyses the accuracy of the measurements performed by a global positioning system (GPS) receiver located in forested environments. A large set of observations were taken with a GPS receiver at intervals of one second during a total time of an hour at twelve different points placed in forest areas. Each of these areas was characterized by(More)
We describe an strategy for automatic detection of discontinuities in jointed rock masses from a 3D point cloud. The method consists on a sequence of processes for feature extraction and characterization of the discontinuities that use voxelization, robust detection of planes by sequential RANSAC and clustering. The results obtained by applying this(More)
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