Silverio Alvarez

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The series connection of IGBTs is necessary when the blocking voltage requirements are higher than the rated voltage of commercially available IGBTs. However, voltage unbalances caused by different switching behaviors during the turn off process of series connected IGBTs could lead to the failure of one IGBT if it exceeds its maximum blocking voltage. This(More)
This paper proposes a systematic procedure to evaluate, compare and select different modulation techniques for a medium voltage variable speed drive. Several indicators are proposed to be analyzed, mainly based on thermal analysis, voltage limitations, dc bus evaluation and load current quality. The suggested procedure is evaluated on a simulation based(More)
The reduced capability of the 5L-NPC Inverter to balance the voltages of the four DC-bus capacitors makes this converter unattractive for real power applications. This is especially true if the load demands active power. The Back-to-Back (B2B) configuration of two 5L-NPC converters and the use of a Space Vector Modulation (SVM) that exploits the voltage(More)
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