Silvano Traverso

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A growing number of laboratory and clinical studies over the past 10 years have shown that low-level laser stimulation (633 or 670 nm) at extremely low power densities (about 0.15 mW/cm(2)), when administered through a particular emission mode, is capable of eliciting significant biological effects. Studies on cell cultures and animal models as well as(More)
Mechanotransduction is known to play a key role in physiological as well as pathological processes. In the present work, the possibility is discussed that even weak mechanical signals travelling through the extracellular matrix can elicit significant cellular responses, by causing gel/sol transitions and actomyosin contractions. Such mechanical cues can(More)
It is well-known that in water phosphate readily reacts with calcium, precipitating as insoluble apatite. How phosphorus could have been available for prebiotic reactions is still an open problem. We suggest that phosphorus-containing compounds might have accumulated in a hydrophobic medium, since the absence of calcium ions would have prevented them from(More)