Silvano Maneck Malfatti

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Figure 1: Users playing a multiplayer car race game controlled by mobile phones. Abstract This work presents a multiplatform architecture to support the design and implementation of desktop multiplayer games controlled by mobile phones with Bluetooth capability. Our main objective was to demonstrate that by harnessing technologies such as J2ME, J2SE, and(More)
This work presents the design and the features of a flexible realtime 3D graphics engine aimed at the development of multimedia applications and collabora-tive virtual environments. The engine, called EnCIMA (Engine for Collaborative and Immersive Multimedia Applications), enables a fast development process of applications by providing a high level(More)
This work presents an educational software which implements an extended version of LOGO language. This extension consists of 3D support for drawing along with support for programming. 1 Introduction Nowadays, lectures and teachers worry about how incorporate new technologies for their educational behavior, and also, how use this tools in a educational(More)
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