Silvano Donati

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—We present a new method for the measurement of the absolute distance of a remote target based on the laser diode self-mixing interferometry technique, which is assisted by an electronic feedback loop that is capable of improving the measurement accuracy. The feedback loop supplies a periodic change of the emitted wavelength that exactly corresponds to a(More)
—We develop a self-mixing laser interferometer for the measurement of displacements on a generic target surface. The measurement is based on the bright-speckle tracking, a technique we have recently proposed to solve amplitude fading associated with the speckle statistics when the displacement to be covered is well in excess of the speckle longitudinal(More)
—We analyze the performance of position-sensing devices and of distance-or displacement-measuring instruments, and we find that the ultimate uncertainty at the quantum limit of detected signal is given by the same expression in all cases, namely, a characteristic length L c divided by √ N ph , the square root of the number of photons detected in the time(More)
Effects of optical feedback on period-one nonlinear dynamics of an optically injected semiconductor laser are numerically investigated. The optical feedback can suppress the period-one dynamics and excite other more complex dynamics if the feedback level is high except for extremely short feedback delay times. Within the range of the period-one dynamics,(More)
– We review recent advances in the field of ultrafast imagers with single-photon detection capability. These sensors in general are capable of photon counting and time-of-arrival analysis, thus enabling an increasingly broad range of diagnostics techniques. The current trend is to migrate the designs to increasingly smaller feature sizes and to push(More)
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