Silvano Debernardo

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P-selectin-PSGL-1 interaction causes rolling of leukocytes on the endothelial cell surface, which subsequently leads to firm adherence and leukocyte transmigration through the vessel wall into the surrounding tissues. P-selectin is upregulated on the surface of both platelets and endothelium in a variety of atherosclerosis-associated conditions.(More)
A search for noncarbohydrate sLe(x) mimics led to the development of quinic acid derivatives as selectin inhibitors. At Wyeth we solved the first cocrystal structure of a small molecule, quinic acid, with E-selectin. In the cocomplex two hydroxyls of quinic acid mimic the calcium-bound fucose of the tetrasaccharide sLe(x). The X-ray structure, together with(More)
Leukocyte recruitment of sites of inflammation and tissue injury involves leukocyte rolling along the endothelial wall, followed by firm adherence of the leukocyte, and finally transmigration of the leukocyte across cell junctions into the underlying tissue. The initial rolling step is mediated by the interaction of leukocyte glycoproteins containing active(More)
P-selectin plays a significant and well documented role in vascular disease by mediating leukocyte and platelet rolling and adhesion. This study characterizes the in vitro activity, pharmacokinetic properties, and the anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic efficacy of the orally active P-selectin small-molecule antagonist PSI-697(More)
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