Silvana Roque de Oliveira

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Research has demonstrated impairments in executive functions in Bipolar Mood Disorder patients. Evidence shows that this impairment is present in both periods of active symptoms of the disorder, as well as euthymic stages, and is compounded by mood episodes, especially manic phases. The purpose of this study was to compare the executive performance of a(More)
This study presents an overview of IS&LS thematic trends in Portugal between 2001 and 2012. The results were obtained by means of an analysis, using expeditious qualitative and quantitative techniques, of the bibliographic records of proceedings papers identified during this period. These records were processed using two techniques: a manual subject(More)
In C. Reading (Ed.), Data and context in statistics education: Towards an evidence-based society. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS8, July, 2010), Ljubljana, Slovenia. Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute. [© 2010 ISI/IASE] ANALYSIS OF(More)
Este artigo constitui a primeira análise bibliométrica das 708 comunicações publicadas pelo Congresso Nacional de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas entre 1985 e 2012, tendo-se desenvolvido indicadores de produção, de produtividade, de proveniência institucional e análise temática, numa perspectiva quantitativa, relacional e diacrónica. Os seus(More)
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