Silvana Revollar

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This work presents an approach for the Synthesis and Integrated Design of an activated sludge process. The mathematical formulation translates a superstructure that contains all the design alternatives into a mixed-integer dynamical optimization problem with non-linear constraints. A real-coded genetic algorithm is proposed for the solution of such complex(More)
This work presents an algorithmic approach to allow for the synthesis and the integrated design of processes considering simultaneously economics and controllability. The method is applied to the synthesis and design of a continuous-stirred-tank-reactor (CSTR) system. For the synthesis. all the design alternatives are coded into a superstructure which(More)
The BSM1 (Benchmark Simulation Model N° 1) has become the standard simulation tool for performance assessment of control techniques applied to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Control of WWTP is not trivial because of large disturbances in the influent, nonlinearities, delays, and interaction between variables. In this work a multivariable Model(More)
Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) is a really challenging problem from the point of view of being an industry process that does not deliver any turnover. Instead, the costs of operation are always to be faced against the environmental benefits. It is from this point of view that any control and operation formulation that includes economic(More)
In this paper the consideration of asymmetric bounded signals (disturbances, inputs) in a general procedure for tuning infinite horizon model predictive controllers (MPC) with constraints is presented. These measures are stated by means of an asymmetric objective functional, instead of the standard l1 norm. The MPC is implemented with a terminal penalty to(More)
−−This work presents two stochastic optimization methods to perform the integrated synthesis and design of an activated sludge process. The process synthesis and design are carried out simultaneously with the control system design to obtain the most economical plant which satisfies the desired control system performance. The mathematical formulation of this(More)
This paper deals with on-line estimation and control of a biological wastewater treatment plant process. The objective of the control is to force the residual substrate and the dissolved oxygen to track a given set point despite the disturbances and system parameter uncertainties. The control law is based on a NLGPC embedded with a nonlinear closed loop(More)
Optimization and control strategies are necessary to keep wastewater treatment plants operating in the best possible conditions with the minimum consumption of energy. In this paper static and dynamic set point optimization strategies to improve the operation of the plant in order to achieve the economically optimal conditions are studied. Different(More)