Silvana Luiz Rocha

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From Didelphis marsupialis serum, two antihemorrhagic proteins were isolated by DEAE-Sephacel, Phenyl-Sepharose and Superdex 200 and characterized. Their masses by mass spectrometry were 40318 AMU for DM40 and 42373 and 43010 AMU for DM43, indicating the presence of isoforms for the last. Molecular masses of 44.8 and 47.3 were obtained by SDS-PAGE,(More)
Objetive – To evaluate the effects of aquatic physical therapy on balance and gait of Parkinson’s disease patients. Parkinson’s disease is caused by degeneration of dopanninergic neurons of the substantia nigra that causes rigidity, brady kinesia, resting tremor, and postural instability. Functional abnormalities of Parkinson’s disease can be treated(More)
The antibothropic fraction (ABF) already isolated from Didelphis marsupialis serum, inhibits the haemorrhagic, oedematogenic, myonecrotic and lethal activities of Bothrops jararaca venom (Bjv). The aim of this work was to verify the capability of ABF to inhibit the hyperalgesic activity of Bjv. Intraplantar injection of Bjv induced hyperalgesia in a time-(More)
The antibothropic factor (ABF) from D. marsupialis was collected from perforated hollow plastic golf balls which were surgically implanted subcutaneously in anesthetized opossums, a technique originally described for the production of polyclonal antibodies. Two months after the implantation of the balls, approximately 15 ml of seromatous fluid from D.(More)
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