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Morphology of gonads, maturity and spawning season of Loricariichthys spixii (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) in a Subtropical Reservoir
O amplo periodo reprodutivo e parte da estrategia desenvolvida por esta especie para suportar as pressoes ambientais (bioticas e abioticas) e obter sucesso neste reservatorio oligotrofico e pobremente estruturado. Expand
Fecundity of the Hypostomus affinis (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) in the Lajes Reservoir, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The oocyte distribution by size-diameter classes revealed the occurrence of two modes suggesting an asynchronic development of the ovaries, and a direct linear relationship was found between fecundity and total weight and gonad weight. Expand
Gram-negative intestinal indigenous microbiota from two Siluriform fishes in a tropical reservoir
Environmental factors influenced the Gram-negative intestinal microbiota of both species with possible impact on the interrelationship between the fishes and their digestive ecosystem, although the gut microbiota composition of fishes may result from host-specific selective pressures within the gut. Expand
Reproductive plasticity of Hypostomus affinis (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) as a mechanism to adapt to a reservoir with poor habitat complexity
Indication of early maturation, a longer reproductive period and the production of smaller eggs in small clutches seems to be features of the reservoir population not found in riverine systems, indicating a shift to an opportunistic strategy, helping the population to withstand environmental constraints and to succeed in this oligotrophic and poorly structured reservoir. Expand
Influence of season, environment and feeding habits on the enzymatic activity of peptidase and β-glucosidase in the gastrointestinal tract of two Siluriformes fishes (Teleostei)
Findings indicate that, in H. auroguttatus, most digestive activity occurs in the intestine, which is long and adapted for the digestion of bottom-river vegetable matter and detritus, a likely consequence of their different lifestyles. Expand
Reproductive cycle of Parauchenipterus striatulus (Pisces- Auchenipteridae) in the Ribeirão das Lajes reservoir - Brazil
The gonadal stage, morphology, variations in the gonadosomatic index, weight:length relationship, condition factor and gonadal condition were described, suggesting an ample spawning period and an inverse relationship between these two characteristics. Expand
Enzymatic Activity in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Pimelodus maculatus (Teleostei, Siluriformes) in Two Neotropical Reservoirs with Different Trophic Conditions
Findings indicated that most digestive activity occurred in the intestine for P. maculatus, which was probably related to its omnivorous/carnivorous feeding habits. Expand
www.ssoar.info Occupational health nurse in the prevention of silicosis: an integrative review
Objective: To investigate the spread of knowledge regarding silicosis and to identify the occupational health nurse course of action to prevent it. Method: It is an integrative review of theExpand
Pulmonary function evaluation after hospital discharge of patients with severe COVID-19
A high prevalence of symptoms is observed in addition to a significant change in lung function and DLCO, in the post-discharge assessment of patients requiring hospitalization after admission for COVID-19. Expand
[Risk factors for the progression of food by oral ingestion of patients with degenerative neurological diseases in monitoring in speech therapy].
The level of consciousness and respiratory complications in this study were associated with poor prognosis for the progression of oral in speech therapy in patients hospitalized with degenerative neurological diseases. Expand