Silvan Tarnutzer

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OBJECTIVE To quantify and illustrate the combined effects of WHO's four behavioural risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on mortality. METHODS Participants (n=16,721) were part of two Swiss population studies conducted between 1977 and 1993. Smoking status, alcohol consumption, physical activity and diet were assessed at baseline. With record(More)
BACKGROUND In many countries, migrants from Italy form a substantial, well-defined group with distinct lifestyle and dietary habits. There is, however, hardly any information about all-cause mortality patterns among Italian migrants and their offspring. In this paper, we compare Italian migrants, their offspring and Swiss nationals. METHODS We compared(More)
Different prostate cancer mortality rates observed in European countries may depend on cultural background. We aimed at exploring variation in prostate cancer mortality in the language regions of Switzerland as a function of “Italianity”, a proxy for adherence to an Italian lifestyle. We used data of the Swiss National Cohort, a census-based record linkage(More)
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