Silvan Schmid

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Micro- and nanomechanical resonators are widely being used as mass sensors due to their unprecedented mass sensitivity. We present a simple closed-form expression which allows a fast and quantitative calculation of the position and mass of individual particles placed on a micro or nano string by measuring the resonant frequency shifts of the first two(More)
SU-8 is an epoxy-based photosensitive resist, which is currently used for a large variety of MEMS and lab-on-a-chip applications. Here, we demonstrate a one-step process to functionalize SU-8 with DNA probes. The immobilisation procedure relies on direct coupling of DNA to SU-8 and resulted in surfaces with functional capture probe densities of(More)
Dielectric membranes with exceptional mechanical and optical properties present one of the most promising platforms in quantum opto-mechanics. The performance of stressed silicon nitride nanomembranes as mechanical resonators notoriously depends on how their frame is clamped to the sample mount, which in practice usually necessitates delicate, and(More)
The ability to detect and analyze single sample entities such as single nanoparticles, viruses, spores, or molecules is of fundamental interest. This can provide insight into the individual specific properties which may differ from the statistical sample average. Here we introduce resonant photothermal spectroscopy, a novel method that enables the analysis(More)
Integration of promising technologies that can enhance sensitivity, selectivity, and throughput into micro total analysis systems (μTAS) are important in making them useful in precise screening of reaction byproducts in analytical chemistry, cellular biology and pharmaceutical industries. But unfortunately so far a method to precisely determine molecular(More)
Nanomechanical resonators have an unprecedented mass sensitivity sufficient to detect single molecules, viruses or nanoparticles. The challenge with nanomechanical mass sensors is the direction of nano-sized samples onto the resonator. In this work we present an efficient inertial sampling technique and gravimetric detection of airborne nanoparticles with a(More)
Micromechanical photothermal infrared spectroscopy is a promising technique, where absorption-related heating is detected by frequency detuning of microstring resonators. We present photothermal infrared spectroscopy with mechanical string resonators providing rapid identification of femtogram-scale airborne samples. Airborne sample material is directly(More)
The attachment of an antibody to an antigen-coated cantilever has been investigated by repeated experiments, using a cantilever-based detection system by Cantion A/S. The stress induced by the binding of a pesticide residue BAM (2,6 dichlorobenzamide) immobilized on a cantilever surface to anti-BAM antibody is measured using the CantiLab4© system from(More)