Silvère Gangloff

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The results of surgical treatment of vertebral metastases were evaluated from a retrospective review of a consecutive series of 100 patients, with special reference to anatomoclinical aspects and functional outcome. The primary tumour in most cases was lung, breast, or prostate; it was unknown in 11 cases. Diagnosis of the metastasis occurred 4–86 months(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This study is a retrospective analysis of the treatment of cervical soft disc herniation comparing anterior and posterior approach. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty eight patients presenting with cervico-brachial radiculopathy secondary to acute soft posterolateral disc herniation were reviewed. Cases with myelopathy or radiculopathy(More)
STUDY DESIGN Description of a new operative techniques for anterior lumbar and lumbosacral fusion using an anterior approach optimized by video assistance. OBJECTIVES To propose a less invasive technique for anterior lumbar fusion with low-grade morbidity. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Either anterior transperitoneal or anterolateral extraperitoneal(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The authors report a case of a wellknown but very unusual complication of cervical spine anterior osteosynthesis: spontaneous recurrent elimination of anterior fixation device through the gastrointestinal track, with good outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS The patient (75 years old) was operated on for cervical myelopathia due to cervical(More)
The therapeutic indications in vertebral metastases are considered according to the neurological state, the intensity of pain and the tomography of the vertebral damage, remembering that one has to reason in terms of quality rather than in duration of life. Les indications thérapeutiques devant une métastase vertébrale sont à discuter selon l'état(More)
It is possible to define mixing properties for subshifts according to the intensity which allows to concatenate two rectangular blocks. We study the interplay between this intensity and computational properties. In particular we prove that there exists linearly block gluing subshift of finite type which are aperiodic and that all right-recursively(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this paper was to investigate the post-operative instability after laminoarthrectomy for degenerative lumbar stenosis, and to evaluate the functional results when instability was present. MATERIAL AND METHOD Thirty-eight patients presenting with degenerative lumbar stenosis were operated on at a mean age of 64 years,(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The aim of this study is to describe a new operative technique for anterior lumbar and lumbosacral fusion using a video assisted anterior extra peritoneal approach. MATERIAL Ten patients were operated on. There were 3 men and 7 females. Age at operation ranged from 18 to 55. There were 8 degenerative and 2 iatrogenic discopathias.(More)
A case of posttraumatic scoliosis due a misdiagnosed lumbosacral unilateral dislocation was observed 6 weeks after a traffic injury in a 15-year-old boy. Cobb angle was 30 degrees on T10-L4 with 20 degrees rotation on L1 and L2. Initial radiographs were normal. The scoliosis was corrected after surgical correction of the dislocation; at 5-year follow-up,(More)
We characterise the difficulty of computing topological entropy of one-dimensional subshifts under various dynamical restrictions. Entropy is known to be computable from above for general one-dimensional subshifts, and the aim of the article is to distinguish under which dynamical properties it becomes computable. The considered properties are minimality,(More)