Silke Weiß

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Efficient and effective knowledge management plays an increasingly important role in knowledge-intensive organizations. In such organizations knowledge workers require a certain degree of freedom in structuring their own tasks [3]. This essential freedom often conflicts with the organization's need of standardization, control and transparency [5]. The(More)
The success of knowledge-intensive organizations depends significantly on the degree of knowledge availability, knowledge transparency, knowledge structuring, and knowledge up-to-dateness. The research project DYONIPOS (DYnamic Ontology based Integrated Process OptimiSation) meets these challenges: DYONIPOS sets up a context sensitive, intelligent and agile(More)
That e-Government can be innovative, adequate implementation structures must be developed. First what is needed and what should be implemented must be defined respectively. If this is clear, who is responsible for the implementation and who is affected by the innovation must be defined respectively. In this paper we will present the DYONIPOS Innovation(More)
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