Silke Schimmel

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Cholelithiasis is a multifactorial process, and several mechanisms have been postulated. A decreased expression of the ileal apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter (ASBT) and of the cytosolic ileal lipid binding protein (ILBP) was recently described in female non-obese patients. The role of the recently identified organic solute transporters a and b(More)
Although a cholesterol supersaturation of gallbladder bile has been identified as the underlying pathophysiologic defect, the molecular pathomechanism of gallstone formation in humans remains poorly understood. A deficiency of the apical sodium bile acid transporter (ASBT) and ileal lipid binding protein (ILBP) in the small intestine may result in bile acid(More)
BACKGROUND Gallstone disease is associated with p.D19H of ABCG8 as well as alterations of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism. However, molecular mechanisms have not been fully elucidated. It is important to understand the link between the sterol transporters ABCG5/8 and NPC1L1 and intestinal cholesterol absorption as well as de novo synthesis in gallstone(More)
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