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Effects of 3 conventional insecticides (methyl parathion, azinphos-methyl, cyper-methrin) and 3 insect growth regulators (fenoxycarb, diflubenzuron, and tebufenozide) on life-table parameters of Micromus tasmaniae Walker were determined in adults derived from insecticide-treated larvae. The following parameters were compared with the control: sex ratio,(More)
The problem of aflatoxin determination in processed cheese can be solved by the destruction of the emulsion with 6 m urea solution; the detection limit is 0.1-0.05 ppb B1 respectively G1. Examination of 115 trade samples resulted in 2 positive processed cheese samples only. This result cannot be reffered to the destruction of aflatoxins by the melting(More)
BACKGROUND Postural deficits in Huntington's disease are linked to functional impairment. We investigated whether assessment of center-of-mass variability using posturography provides objective and quantitative measures that correlate to the severity of motor phenotype, functional measures, and genotype as assessed by a disease burden score (based on repeat(More)
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