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Dietary consumption of anthocyanins, a class of pigments produced by higher plants, has been associated with protection against a broad range of human diseases. However, anthocyanin levels in the most commonly eaten fruits and vegetables may be inadequate to confer optimal benefits. When we expressed two transcription factors from snapdragon in tomato, the(More)
Heterosis is defined as the increased vigour of hybrids in comparison to their parents. We investigated 24 F(1) hybrid lines of Arabidopsis thaliana generated by reciprocally crossing either C24 or Col with six other parental accessions (Can, Co, Cvi, Ler, Rsch, Te) that differ widely in their freezing tolerance. The crosses differed in the degree of(More)
A novel approach to feature selection from unlabeled vector data is presented. It is based on the reconstruction of original data relationships in an auxiliary space with either weighted or omitted features. Feature weighting, on one hand, is related to the return forces of factors in a parametric data similarity measure as response to disturbance of their(More)
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