Silke Mehnert

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OBJECTIVE Opioids are applied to augment visualization of the biliary system in MR cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) to take advantage of a side effect, the constriction of the sphincter of Oddi. This prospective study was performed to determine the effect of IV low-dose morphine on image quality and bile duct delineation in MRCP. SUBJECTS AND METHODS(More)
Sports-related injuries most commonly involve the musculoskeletal system. However, physicians are less familiar with damage to the peripheral nerves attributable to particular sports activities. Nerve entrapment syndromes associated with physical activity may affect all nerves for which entrapment syndromes are known. Peripheral nerve lesions are serious(More)
Peripheral nerve injuries due to sports are relatively rare but the exact incidence is not known due to a lack of epidemiological studies. Particular sports activities tend to cause certain peripheral nerve injuries including direct acute compression or stretching, repetitive compression and stretching over time, or another mechanism such as ischemia or(More)
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