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In Australia workers in many industries are required to wear safety footwear (footwear incorporating a steel toe cap). An investigation of the problems reported by 321 workers (70 per cent male) employed in a broad range of work activities and required to wear safety footwear was conducted in 1990 and 1991. Respondents were interviewed by a professionally(More)
This report is concerned with a male motor bike rider who was injured in a collision with a semi-trailer in June 1974. As a result of his injuries he had his right arm amputated, his right knee restricted, and his right foot partially amputated and pinned. This article presents the subsequent management of the patient which was aimed at achieving an(More)
The case history is reported of a 56 year old male patient with heel pain. The treatment consisted of the design of a cushioned accomodative orthotic with high density rubber cushioning (Rubazote). The Podiatrist and technician combined to fabricate an orthotic device which relieved the heel pain. The orthotic was fabricated from heavy rubazote in order to(More)
A case is reported of a high-level left-leg amputee, aged 61 years, the amputation being performed 33 years ago. No satisfactory artificial limb has been available and severe hip and foot problems have resulted, through continued use of unsatisfactory crutch design. From the study of gait films, an excessive lateral movement at the pelvis was clear. An(More)