Silke Lepski

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The ergot alkaloids as secondary metabolites from fungi of the genus Claviceps are the focus of many investigations because of their pharmacological and toxicological properties. The main effects of ergot alkaloids are referred to an interaction with several receptor systems in the human body. It is well-known that ergot alkaloids are able to isomerize(More)
Allergic reactions to food can significantly reduce the quality of life and even result in life-threatening complications. In addition, the prevalence of food allergy has increased in the last decades in industrialized countries and the mechanisms underlying (increased) sensitization are still not fully understood. It is believed that the development and(More)
Food allergies have emerged as a global problem over the last few decades; therefore, reliable and sensitive analytical methods to ensure food safety for allergic consumers are required. The application of mass spectrometry is of growing interest in this field and several procedures based on low resolution tandem mass spectrometry using single tryptic(More)
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