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In a previous study we have shown that wounding of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves induces a strong and transient immunity to Botrytis cinerea, the causal agent of grey mould. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed within minutes after wounding and are required for wound–induced resistance to B. cinerea. In this study, we have further explored ROS and(More)
  • Filbin M T, Walsh F S, +54 authors Bollensen E
  • 2005
glycans in the L2/HNK-1 carbohydrate epitope expressing neural adhesion molecule PO. Demonstration that a lectin-like receptor (Gp90Mel) directly mediates adhesion of lymphocytes to high endothelial veaules of lymph nodes. The neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM enhances LI-dependent cell cell interactions. (1989) Specificity of binding of three soluble rat(More)
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