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We have studied the mechanical properties of encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells by performing AFM force measurements. Single living cells have been coated through the alternate deposition of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte layers and mechanically trapped into a porous membrane. Coated and uncoated cells in presence/absence of bud scars,(More)
A digital implementation of the recall phase of a backpropagation neural network for real time image classiication is presented. The motivation has been, that parallelism of a neural network has less advantage, if the input data stream is sequential as the pixel stream of an usual CCD camera. Additional, classifying a stream of pixels with a single chip(More)
Fig. S1 In vivo images and fluorescence intensity map of the head of a mouse injected intravenously with PNP nanoparticles in which the albumin is labeled with Cy 5.5 in comparison to an untreated control. The series of images shows the intensity profile between 30 min and 7 days. The assessment of the nanoparticle fluorescence was done after background(More)
Several measures of locomotor activity in rats, including the distance covered, movement time, speed of progression, and sinuosity showed significant changes in extreme situations after prolonged preadaptation or after stimulation with I.P. amphetamine. The same measures, however, either did not change or poorly reflected the changes in locomotor activity(More)
Gold nanoparticles coated with oppositely charged polyelectrolytes, such as polyallylamine hydrochloride and polystyrenesulfonate, were examined for potential inhibition of prion protein aggregation and prion (PrPSc) conversion and replication. Different coatings, finishing with a positive or negative layer, were tested, and different numbers of layers were(More)
Recent advancements in point-of-care (PoC) technologies show great transformative promises for personalized preventative and predictive medicine. However, fields like therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), that first allowed for personalized treatment of patients' disease, still lag behind in the widespread application of PoC devices for monitoring of patients.(More)
Electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds have been extensively used in several biomedical applications for tissue engineering due to their morphological resemblance to the extracellular matrix (ECM). Especially, there is a need for the cardiovascular implants to exhibit a nanostructured surface that mimics the native endothelium in order to promote(More)
Up to 80% of the cost of vaccination programmes is due to the cold chain problem (that is, keeping vaccines cold). Inexpensive, biocompatible additives to slow down the degradation of virus particles would address the problem. Here we propose and characterize additives that, already at very low concentrations, improve the storage time of adenovirus type 5.(More)
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