Silke Kiefer

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Rapidly growing tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) cell suspension cultures contain transiently high levels of cell surface, salt-elutable, monomeric precursors to the covalently cross-linked extensin network of the primary cell wall. Thus, we purified a highly soluble monomeric extensin substrate from rapidly growing cells, and devised a soluble in vitro(More)
Three experiments were conducted to determine whether variations in the perceived distance to a test sound could influence its loudness in the absence of physical changes in sound-level. The phenomenon of visual capture provided the means for manipulating apparent distance. A 'dummy' loudspeaker was used to vary the apparent source location of a short noise(More)
BACKGROUND Quantum dots (QDs) have great potential as fluorescent labels but cytotoxicity relating to extra- and intracellular degradation in biological systems has to be addressed prior to biomedical applications. In this study, human intestinal cells (Caco-2) grown on transwell membranes were used to study penetration depth, intracellular localization,(More)
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