Silke Heuser

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We investigate experimentally the validity of proposed theories extending the tunneling approximation towards the multiphoton regime in strong-field ionization of helium. We employ elliptically polarized laser pulses and demonstrate how the influence of the ion potential on the released electron encoded in the measured observable provides the desired(More)
We present measurements of single-photon ionization time delays between the outermost valence electrons of argon and neon using a coincidence detection technique that allows for the simultaneous measurement of both species under identical conditions. The analysis of the measured traces reveals energy-dependent time delays of a few tens of attoseconds with(More)
Here we present a successful combination of an attosecond beamline with a COLTRIMS apparatus, which we refer to as AttoCOLTRIMS. The setup provides either single attosecond pulses or attosecond pulse trains for extreme ultraviolet-infrared pump-probe experiments. We achieve full attosecond stability by using an active interferometer stabilization. The(More)