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This paper proposes an interaction model between multiple physically-based deformable objects. The model enables both accurate force feedback and visualization of surgical manipulations (like hold, push and move organs) while approaching the tissues of interest. Accurate force feedback improves surgical realism and enables exact simulation for diagnosis and(More)
OBJECTIVES Computerized anatomical 3D atlases allow interactive exploration of the human anatomy and make it easy for the user to comprehend complex 3D structures and spatial interrelationships among organs. Besides the anatomy of one reference body inter-individual shape variations of organs in a population are of interest as well. In this paper, a new(More)
Computer-based 3D atlases allow an interactive exploration of the human body. However, in most cases such 3D atlases are derived from one single individual, and therefore do not regard the variability of anatomical structures concerning their shape and size. Since the geometric variability across humans plays an important role in many medical applications ,(More)
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