Silke Friedrich

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Spontaneous magnetic slow wave brain activity can be used to locate the underlying sources with sufficient accuracy by using the single current dipole model. To locate focal sources from spontaneous activity a tool had to be developed to extract focal densities of dipoles across time-the dipole density plot. The first version works on discrete volume units(More)
The existing literature has shown that special interest groups can have both growth enhancing and retarding effects on an economy. In either case it is always assumed that the nature of the special interest groups remains constant over time. The hypothesis of this paper is that a dynamic relationship exists between politicians and lobbyists. A theoretical(More)
We present an analysis of 40 cool helium-rich white dwarfs found in the Hamburg/ESO survey. They were selected for follow-up spectroscopy because of their U −B colour below -0.18, the absence of strong absorption lines, and a continuum shape similar to that of a quasar. Effective temperatures for individual stars were determined by fitting model atmospheres(More)
To analyse spontaneous multichannel slow-wave MEG activity a tool was developed to extract focal abnormal activity with a higher spatial dipole density across time. The first version works on discrete volume units, the second version avoids a possible location error, works continuously and can be adjusted for individual slices three-dimensionally. The first(More)
Based on their experiences gained in 15 companies in the catering sector and the bakery industry, the authors present a participatory concept to reduce food waste in the food industry. This five-phase concept, adapted to the PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act) cycle applied in the Total Quality Management, involves a participatory approach where employees are(More)
This article presents a marketing campaign guide to support nonprofit and governmental organizations, such as academic research institutes or governmental agencies, that wish to develop support tools for the food industry. It offers a systematic and target audience-centered approach which guides nonprofits through the various steps of a marketing campaign,(More)
The aim of the study was to reduce food waste in a hospital, a hospital cafeteria, and a residential home by applying a participatory approach in which the employees were integrated into the process of developing and implementing measures. Initially, a process analysis was undertaken to identify the processes and structures existing in each institution.(More)
A quick result whether a newly developed cosmetic water-in-oil (W/O)-emulsion shows constant sensory behavior (stable) or whether it changes its behavior over time (instable) is an important aspect in cosmetic research. In order to observe changes as quickly as possible, analytic methods are used. An established method is rheology, a sensitive method that(More)