Silke Dlugai

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The activation of initiator protein tissue factor (TF) is likely to be a crucial step in the blood coagulation process, which leads to fibrin formation. The stimuli responsible for inducing TF activation are largely undefined. Here we show that the oxidoreductase protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) directly promotes TF-dependent fibrin production during(More)
We have developed a new heterologous expression system for mammalian glucose transporters. The system is based on a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain completely deleted for all its endogenous hexose transporters and unable to take up and to grow on hexoses. To target the heterologous glucose transporters into the yeast plasma membrane in a fully active form,(More)
The yeast Snf3 protein has been described to function as a sensor for low concentrations of extracellular glucose. We have found that Snf3 is able to transduce a signal in the complete absence of extracellular glucose. High basal activity of the HXT7 promoter during growth on ethanol required Snf3 as well as other components of the signalling pathway(More)
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