Silke Dempewolf

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Axonal injury in the adult human central nervous system often results in loss of sensation and motor functions. Promoting regeneration of severed axons requires the inactivation of growth inhibitory influences from the tissue environment and stimulation of the neuron intrinsic growth potential. Especially glial cell derived factors, such as chondroitin(More)
Tubulins belong to the most abundant proteins in eukaryotes providing the backbone for many cellular substructures like the mitotic and meiotic spindles, the intracellular cytoskeletal network, and the axonemes of cilia and flagella. Homologs have even been reported for archaea and bacteria. However, a taxonomically broad and whole-genome-based analysis of(More)
The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is functional in most terrestrial mammals, though progressively reduced in the primate lineage, and is used for intraspecific communication and predator recognition. Vomeronasal receptor (VR) genes comprise two families of chemosensory genes (V1R and V2R) that have been considered to be specific for the VNO. However, recently a(More)
The objective of this study is to determine the current distribution of clinical phenotypes and to estimate future trends of ALS incidence in Western societies. We report on a clinical-epidemiological registry with a capture–recapture rate of >80% and population-based case–control study in ALS patients in South Western Germany. 1163 incidents of ALS were(More)
The pattern of gap-junctional connections between cells in the vestibular neuroepithelium of the posterior semicircular duct of the alligator lizard are described based upon the study of freeze fracture replicas and ultrathin sections with a transmission electron microscope. Both type I and type II hair cells are coupled to adjacent supporting cells by a(More)
Electromagnetic-field focusing (EFF) is a method of converging induced eddy current onto a pointed tip of a tuned length return circuit in the near field of a resonator, which results in the production of high temperature. Previously reported applications of this method include various devices for local hyperthermia and a precision surgical device. The(More)
azepines or clonidine at the start of the study. Patients taking anticonvulsants were not eligible to participate even if they were willing to washout anticonvulsants for the trial. Dr. Zvosec and colleagues raise concerns about a lack of a washout period. This was an acute four night study protocol where a single dose of other medication was unlikely to(More)
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