Silke Berit Lang

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Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals in natural form are a major component of bone--a known piezoelectric material. Synthetic hydroxyapatite is widely used in bone grafts and prosthetic pyroelectric coatings as it binds strongly with natural bone. Nanocrystalline synthetic hydroxyapatite films have recently been found to exhibit strong piezoelectricity and(More)
This paper presents the idea of merging different schools of thinking which have been separated for centuries. Design as a process of creating artifacts and systems varies substantially among individual disciplines. There exists no universally valid and concise definition of the concept design. We first describe different understandings and uses of design(More)
Quantitative pyroelectric measurements were made on the leaves of the palmlike plant Encephalartos. A pyroelectric response almost 50 times higher than the normal one could be induced by a small bias electric field, offering a means for highly increasing the efficiency of conversion of thermal to electrical energy. No evidence of ferroelectricity was found.
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