Silke Abwandner

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A new class of [2]catenanes containing zinc(II)-porphyrin (ZnP) and/or [60]fullerene (C(60)) as appended groups has been prepared. A complete description of the convergent synthetic approach based on Cu(I) template methodology and "click" 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition chemistry is described. This new electron donor-acceptor catenane family has been subjected to(More)
A series of [2]rotaxane materials, in which [60]fullerene is linked to a macrocycle and ferrocene (Fc) moieties are placed at the termini of a thread, both of which possess a central Cu(I)-1,10-phenanthroline [Cu(phen)(2)](+) complex, were synthesized by self-assembly using Sauvage metal template methodology. Two types of threads were constructed, one with(More)
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