Silda Nikaj

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INTRODUCTION We estimated the impact of cigarette prices on youth smoking in 38 countries with the Global Youth Tobacco Survey. METHODS We used a 2-part model of cigarette demand. In the first part, we estimated the impact of prices on the decision to smoke. Conditional on smoking, we then estimated the effect of price on the number of cigarettes smoked.(More)
Although many studies have estimated the influence of peers on risky health behaviors, few have estimated the gains that adolescents receive from such behaviors, particularly in terms of social payoffs for complying with peer behavior. In this paper, we explore the extent to which alcohol consumption increases popularity of adolescents. Using data from a(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper examines the link between personnel and teacher smoking on school grounds, and student smoking in 62 low-income and middle-income countries. METHODS We use a two-part model to estimate the effect of smoking by school personnel on youth smoking. In the first part, we model the decision to smoke for all students, using a linear(More)
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