Silasak Manosavanh

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We automatically generate CG animations to express the pronunciation movement of speech through articulatory feature (AF) extraction to help learn a pronunciation. The proposed system uses MRI data to map AFs to coordinate values that are needed to generate the animations. By using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, we can observe the movements of the(More)
Computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT) was introduced for language education in recent years. CAPT scores the learner's pronunciation quality and points out wrong phonemes by using speech recognition technology. However, although the learner can thus realize that his/her speech is different from the teacher's, the learner still cannot control the(More)
We describe computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT) through the visualization of the articulatory gestures from learner's speech in this paper. Typical CAPT systems cannot indicate how the learner can correct his/her articulation. The proposed system enables the learner to study how to correct their pronunciation by comparing the wrongly pronounced(More)
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