Silas C. Michaelides

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In this paper we present a methodology followed to parallelize a weather forecasting code running operationally on a small Network of Workstations with real data sets. The 1D Eta/NMC model code was originally written in Fortran 77 and optimized for vector supercomputers. We describe the steps followed to parallelize the Eta/NMC-dust code. The examination of(More)
Cultural Heritage Sites are in danger of being destroyed due to several factors, such as earthquakes, uncontrolled urbanization and air pollution. The latest, whether it is from industrial, transport or domestic sources, can cause significant degradation and corrosion of cultural monuments. The use of satellite images for monitoring air pollution in(More)
The aim of this work was to develop a system based on modular neural networks and multi-feature texture analysis that will facilitate the automated interpretation of cloud images. This will speed up the interpretation process and provide continuity in the application of satellite imagery for weather forecasting. A series of infrared satellite images from(More)
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