Silas C. Michaelides

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In this paper we present a methodology followed to parallelize a weather forecasting code running operationally on a small Network of Workstations with real data sets. The 1D Eta/NMC model code was originally written in Fortran 77 and optimized for vector supercomputers. We describe the steps followed to parallelize the Eta/NMC-dust code. The examination of(More)
This paper comprises a comprehensive account on the outcomes of the 10th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms that was held in Cyprus from 22 to 24 September 2008. Selected papers presented during the Conference were published in two peer reviewed journals that were devoted to this event and are summarized in this concise report.
Cultural Heritage Sites are in danger of being destroyed due to several factors, such as earthquakes, uncontrolled urbanization and air pollution. The latest, whether it is from industrial, transport or domestic sources, can cause significant degradation and corrosion of cultural monuments. The use of satellite images for monitoring air pollution in(More)
Rainfall erosivity as a dynamic factor of soil loss by water erosion is modelled intra-annually for the first time at European scale. The development of Rainfall Erosivity Database at European Scale (REDES) and its 2015 update with the extension to monthly component allowed to develop monthly and seasonal R-factor maps and assess rainfall erosivity both(More)
As a follow up and an advancement of the recently published Rainfall Erosivity Database at European Scale (REDES) and the respective mean annual R-factor map, the monthly aspect of rainfall erosivity has been added to REDES. Rainfall erosivity is crucial to be considered at a monthly resolution, for the optimization of land management (seasonal variation of(More)