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Characterization of burn wound healing gel prepared from human amniotic membrane and Aloe vera extract
BackgroundSkin burn wound is a notable medical burden worldwide. Rapid and effective treatment of burnt skin is vital to fasten wound closure and healing properly. Amniotic graft and Aloe vera areExpand
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Fabrication of biocompatible porous scaffolds based on hydroxyapatite/collagen/chitosan composite for restoration of defected maxillofacial mandible bone
Fabrication of scaffolds from biomaterials for restoration of defected mandible bone has attained increased attention due to limited accessibility of natural bone for grafting. Hydroxyapatite (Ha),Expand
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Preparation and physicochemical characterization of nano- hydroxyapatite based 3d porous scaffold for biomedical application
Tissue engineering evolved from the field of biomaterials development and refers to combining scaffolds, cells, and biologically active molecules into functional tissues. Tissue engineering isExpand
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Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Bacterial Microflora Associated with Human Amniotic Membrane
Human amniotic membrane is considered a promising allograft material for the treatment of ocular surface reconstruction, burns, and other skin defects. In order to avoid the transmission of anyExpand
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Tissue banking in Bangladesh: 12 years of experience (2003–2014)
Abstract Tissue Banking and Biomaterial Research Unit (TBBRU), the only tissue bank of Bangladesh, has been established to create an available supply of human tissue allografts for transplantation inExpand
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Radiation Response of Bacteria Associated with Human Cancellous Bone
Cancellous bones from twenty five live tissue donors were tested for bacterial contamination and initial bioburden ranged from 4.1×10 1 to 3.1×10 3 cfu/g (average 9.0×10 2 cfu/g). Forty sixExpand
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Amnion and collagen-based blended hydrogel improves burn healing efficacy on rat skin wound model in presence of wound dressing biomembrane.
BACKGROUND Burn wounds are one of the most frequent and devastating injuries for patients which requires extensive care. Early treatment of the burn wounds improve healing significantly. OBJECTIVEExpand
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Burn and Wound Healing Using Radiation Sterilized Human Amniotic Membrane and Centella asiatica Derived Gel: a Review
Burn injury is a common clinical concern that leads to morbidity and mortality, especially in the developing countries. Nowadays, it is a world-wide challenge for the patients due to the long-termExpand
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Human tissue banking in Bangladesh: hope for the patients of massive burns, surgical wound and bone associated complications.
Each year throughout Bangladesh, thousands of people suffering from massive burns and surgical wounds require amniotic grafts for transplantation. Additionally, the stricken persons of the countryExpand
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Cancer epigenetics and epigenetical therapy
Gene expression mechanism are controlled and coordinated by epigenetic regulators, including histone modification, CpG-island methylation and chromatin looping. Imbalance of these epigenetic marksExpand
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