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In this paper, we assess the traits that older adults associate with younger, middle-aged, and older adults in five Pacific Rim nations from Western and Eastern cultural traditions (Australia, People's Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand). We find cross-cultural trends which replicate patterns found in the US context. In most cultures,(More)
OBJECTIVES Research on stress and salivary cortisol has focused almost exclusively on the effects of negative psychological conditions or emotional states. Little attention has been drawn to the impact associated with positive psychological conditions, which have been shown recently to have significant influences on neuroendocrine regulation. The aim of(More)
Young adults from three Western (Canada, U.S.A., and New Zealand) and three East Asian (The Philippines, South Korea and Japan) nations completed a questionnaire regarding their perceptions of interactions with family elders, non-family elders, and same-age peers. Results showed that East Asians perceived family elders to be as accommodating as same-age(More)
In this paper, the traits which younger adults associate with younger, middle-aged, and older adults in a number of Pacific Rim nations were assessed. Two dependent variables ('personal vitality' and 'benevolence') emerged from factor analyses of a series of trait adjectives. Cross cultural trends emerged which replicated patterns found in the US context.(More)
Members of eight single-sex groups each consisting of three proand three anti-capital punishment adherents discussed their views for 30 minutes, and afterwards individually rated ingroup and outgroup members on social in ̄uence ranking, prototypicality, and social attractiveness. From the intragroup hypothesis that speaking turns are a resource for in(More)
This study was an attempt to (a) determine the generalizability of the American-based Feminist Identity Development Scale (FIDS; Bargad & Hyde, 1991) to female students in a New Zealand university and (b) examine the relationship between feminist identities (as measured by the FIDS) and preferred strategies for advancing women's self-concept. Female(More)
Communication between grandparents and grandchildren can be superficial because of insufficient common ground between them. Among Chinese immigrant families in New Zealand, communication is complicated by linguistic mismatches, as grandparents may be proficient only in Chinese and grandchildren in English. To surmount these communication barriers,(More)
The UK Chinese are known for their underutilisation of western healthcare services. Reasons for this underutilisation are complex. The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is a widely used model of social cognition, which in the present study is being applied to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) utilisation and satisfaction with TCM services. Two hundred and(More)
Following the claim by some anthropologists and sociologists that 1 symbolic meaning of meat is a preference for hierarchical domination (C. J. Adams, 1990; N. Fiddes, 1989; D. D. Heisley, 1990; J. Twigg, 1983), the authors compared the values and beliefs of vegetarians and omnivores in 2 studies conducted in New Zealand. They compared the full range of(More)