Sijun J. Zhang

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We report on optical spectroscopy (photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation) on two-dimensional self-organized layers of (C(6)H(5)C(2)H(4)-NH(3))(2)-PbI(4) perovskite. Temperature and excitation power dependance of the optical spectra gives a new insight into the excitonic and the phononic properties of this hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor.(More)
The paper is a summary of progress to date of progress of LEAG in developing a grassroots community Lunar Exploration Roadmap. Predictions for the Optical Scattering at the Moon, as Observed by the LADEE UV/Vis Spectrometer [#2348] Predictions are made for exospheric atomic line emissions, coronal and zodiacal light, as well as for " lunar horizon glow "(More)
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