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In this paper, a synchronization control scheme of the master-slave based on electro-hydraulic proportional valve is put forward. Through detailed analysis to synchronization servo system, the mathematical model of its various components is built, so the total mathematical model of synchronization system of the symmetrical proportional valve-controlled(More)
Deepwater pipeline axial force and alignment Tool (AFAT) is a kind of tools used for tie-ins of deepwater pipelines, development of the AFAT will greatly improve our country's tie-ins technological level in deep water. Adjusting devices are its key parts, they can complete the adjustment of relative position for underwater new and old pipelines in certain(More)
Micro pipe robot has the features of small size, quick response and low energy consumption,Wireless driving method is used to enhance the reliability and feasibility of the robot. This paper focuses on micro-robots that driven directly by use of an external magnetic field magnetic force, permanent magnet is embedded in the body of the micro-robot, and drive(More)
Coal seam distribution is uncertain in coal roadway. It leads to wear cutting head and reduce the cutting efficiency. Closed loop control is introduced into the cutting system of the boom-type roadheader in the mine tunneling roadway. The current of the cutting motor changes with the cutting load. The drawing speed is adjusted according the current and(More)
This paper is devoted to study the swimming micro robot in liquid on the basis of simulation a wild aquatic animals movement, mainly based on the fish propulsion mechanism. In the paper the theoretical basis and propelling principle are introduced. With the analyzing of kinematics and dynamics of the swimming micro robot, the theoretical model is built up.(More)
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