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The generator stator current gets distorted with unacceptable levels of total harmonic distortion (THD) because impedance-source wind power generation systems use three-phase diode rectifiers. The stator current harmonics will cause increasing losses and torque ripple, which reduce the efficiency and stability of the system. This paper proposes a novel half(More)
This paper proposes a Y-D multifunction balance transformer (YD-MFBT)-based power quality control system (MBT-PQCS) to deal with the power quality problems in the single-phase power system. The MBT-PQCS mainly consists of a YD-MFBT and a three-phase full-bridge converter (FBC). It fully explores the inherent negative sequence current (NSC) suppressing the(More)
In order to investigate the mechanism of gas hydrate deposition and agglomeration in gas dominated flowlines, a high-pressure micromechanical force (MMF) apparatus was applied to directly measure CH4/C2H6 hydrate adhesion/cohesion forces under low temperature and high pressure conditions. A CH4/C2H6 gas mixture was used as the hydrate former. Adhesion(More)
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